Have you noticed a particular type of “dance” between you and your partner when tension arises?

Where one of you comes forward to work things out while the other withdraws?

Does one of you find that your career takes priority while the other yearns for more personal connection and family time?

Does it seem that one of you is always ready to be intimate while the other is only interested some of the time?


Better Relationships

We all have our different ways of behaving in life that are natural for us. These include the way we dress and present ourselves, how we socialize in different settings, and how we handle conflict and rejection.

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Our natural behaviors also affect what type of person we are attracted to. But sometimes it may feel that our partner just doesn’t understand us or doesn’t know how to give us what we really need for a deep feeling of connection.

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The good news is that these differences are normal and you can learn what they mean about you and the people in your life. With that knowledge, you can navigate personal and social situations more confidently and effectively, and strengthen the connections you have with others. That means better relationships.

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