Confidence comes in many forms. It’s common for someone to feel really confident about a lot of things in their life, yet completely lack that confidence when facing other things.

For example, you may be a great cook and have confidence in the kitchen, but that confidence doesn’t always translate when you want to learn a new skill, or ask your boss for a raise, or give a presentation in front of an audience. It’s in the way the mind perceives different situations. You may go into a negative thinking pattern and tell yourself “I’ll mess it up if I do that” or “How embarrassing that will be”.

But there is hope. You can fix your mind’s negative thinking patterns.

In a state of hypnosis, we’re able to add newer, more helpful, and supportive information to the subconscious. 

We make your goal “known” to your subconscious mind so you naturally move toward it. The subconscious mind motivates our behaviors based on these “knowns” and “unknowns”. Things that are known are like the comfort zone for the subconscious while things that are considered unknown are viewed as something to be avoided.

Let’s change those negative thoughts together. Michael will help guide you to your confidence.

Whether it’s public speaking or striking up a conversation with that cute someone you see at the coffee shop, you can do this.

As is our confidence, so is our capacity.

- William Hazlitt

Career Success

Imagine the feeling you'll have after getting that pay raise or promotion you calmly and confidently asked the boss for.

Hear the praise and positive response you'll get when you easily deliver that outstanding presentation you worked so hard to prepare. 

See how your company recognizes the huge improvement in your sales performance.

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