Change Your Life Script Positive Change

Michael Will Be Your Guide

Ever wonder how some people just seem to have it all together? Do you tell yourself “that’s easy for them but I could never do that”? How is it that there are those that seem “programmed” to succeed while others get stuck in a rut of self-doubt?

Well, the answer is- we're all human.

And those abilities are available to all of us.

It’s all about how our minds work…

and our minds can change!

You Can Change Your Life Script

Michael Leone, Certified Hypnotherapist

Certification #55670959 Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

My mission is to help people unlock the resources within themselves to overcome personal challenges, find fulfillment, balance mind and body, and achieve their highest potential.

I provide my clients with tools to experience amazing personal growth and goal attainment.

Michael Leone Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Planting the Seeds for Change

You have far more resources than you realize, and discovering more about these brings a greater sense of well-being.

How can Michael help you?

Reduce Anxiety Eliminate Fears
Stop Smoking Change Habits
Increase Confidence Career Success
Improve Relationships Dating Communication Family

There are more than 130 ways hypnotherapy may help you.*

The benefits have been shown in research by some of the world's top hospitals and universities.

* Some situations may require a medical or psychological referral.